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Spanish Adventure Club at Pot Spring and Warren this Fall!

Using interactive games, arts, sports, singing and more, your child will absorb a new language...and have fun too!  Each session is complete with a different theme with increasing levels of engagement and understanding over time, and that rewards kids with a feeling of accomplishment.  Experience excitement, energy and learning like you have never seen before!

Warren Elementary FlyerTuesdays 3:30-4:30 pm  Classes begin October 21

Pot Spring Elementary FlyerThursdays 4:00 -5:00 Classes begin October 23

Register today online at www.cockeysvillereccouncil.org! Space is limited!

With questions please contact TLP coordinator, Kaitlyn Marzullo at

To learn more about the Language Project Kids innovative language program and the multiple cognitive benefits associated with learning a second language at a young age, visit us at:  www.languageprojectkids.com.

Click on the school to download the Flyer and Registration form for Pot Spring and Warren.

Nos vemos pronto!

Updated:  October 9, 2014